The Liberty Point Anglers Society was established in 1979.  Our first Big Fish Award winner was Lewis Andrews, patriarch of what is now the Ambrose clan.  The first party -er, Annual Meeting – was held over Labor Day weekend in 1979 to celebrate.  Ever since, the party has rotated along Liberty Point, from one home to another in turn.

Currently, our community consists of the extended families and friends within six “cottages” at Liberty Point: Whitmore, Ambrose, Reeser, Morse, Naylor, and Singel.

The family names above link to password protected pages where their stories will continue to unfold.  Each home at Liberty Point has a story, and as we grow the site we’ll add as many details as we can assemble – please share your old (and new) photos, ancestral information, etc. as you wish and we’ll incorporate here to show the generations to come their legacy at LPAS. Here’s the survey we wrote in 2012; feel free to use as a prompt to get those stories flowing! LPASfamilyhx072012

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