Big Fish Award

When Liberty Point anglers catch a fish of note, thoughts turn not only to gratitude for the bounty of our Mullett Lake, and excitement about the tastiness of our dinner, but also to the possibility that it could be a contender!

The largest fish caught in Mullett Lake between Memorial Day and Labor Day wins the Big Fish Award.  It can be a family member or a houseguest who wins, and the fish can be a Northern or a Walleye or a trout – any species at all!  The winning angler has their name engraved on the Big Fish Award trophy, and the following year gets to don the magic LPAS hat(*) & read an original acceptance poem to the assembled group at the picnic.  It’s all in good fun, and our intrepid anglers typically fish right up until the bell rings at noon on the Sunday before Labor Day, tolling the end of the annual competition.  For one champion, their victory is sealed.  For the rest, it’s time to put the poles away and dream of next year…

(*) Covid-19 prevents us from passing the hat, so to speak, in 2020 – we’ll just as eagerly listen to the poems, at a little safer distance! Stay safe 🙂

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