Labor Day 2020

Happy Labor Day weekend to all. It’s been a hard and weird year so far, to say the least. To those lucky enough to be at Liberty Point in person this weekend, please know the rest of us are with you in spirit no matter how far our social distancing forces us to be physically. Updating our site here with a sad note – our beloved Keeper of the Wampum has gone off to that great fishing hole in the sky. Tony died in May at home and at Babs’ side, exactly where he wanted to be. As your new Keeper of the Wampum, I’ll do my best to maintain news and photos you share here on our LPAS pages moving forward. Our new Sachem and Major Domo will update everyone in person on Sunday on other news and brighter tidings. Meantime, happy fishing for these last few days… and may the best angler win! Love and peace to all our extended LPAS community! DSC02156

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