For Mullett’s Sake

One of the values we share is cherishing our time spent at (and in) Mullett Lake.  We all want Mullett Lake to remain beautiful and inspirational for generations to come.  As autumn approaches and many of us will be away from Mullett Lake over the cooler months, we can still support our favorite place to watch the sun rise.. and set… and all the times between.  What are some of the ways we can help throughout the year?

  • Participate in conservation.
    The Mullett Area Preservation Society (MAPS) needs both volunteers and contributions.  Mullett Lake fans are invited to give at a level that each can afford sustainably.  Visit MAPS’ website to more about volunteering, donating, etc.
  • Learn more about stewarding our resources.
    We already make sure that gasoline from our water crafts does not leak into the lake.  We garden with native plants whenever possible and avoid introducing invasive species.  We know to incorporate permeable instead of paved surfaces in our landscaping.  And pretty much everyone knows not to put soaps or shampoos, etc. into the lake (the way people used to do).  We need to teach the children how and why to take these same precautions, and more.  Additional tips are available from MAPS and from another great local group: Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council.

Here’s to keeping Mullett Lake lovely and vibrant for years and years to come.

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